finnegan bell i was gone — new LP

Finnegan-Bell-web-postProud as hell to have been asked by warren and shane, the talented musicians that are Finnegan Bell, to help them with the design of their latest record. go purchase this record right now — trust me — not only to support local music but to get a great record. all originals, these guys are pros by all sense of the word. loved working with them and have a weird 3 degrees of seperation connection that makes it all that much better. these guys are playing a sweet bill at the windjammer on april 24. go check em out and pick up a record. right on!

Limehouse Produce

limehouse-webpagelimehouse-clipboard-packetsvery proud to see the new limehouse produce website go live — thank you buff ross for all your help and braintrust. also pictured here is some recent new customer packets we created for weston and the great limehouse produce team. cant tell you enough how much we have enjoyed working with this great company and all the folks involved. check em out. right on!

Eat Local month starting monday!

2014_Chefpotluck6.1EL_FarmTour_Poster4.0proud to be working again with our good friends at LLF. big month next month with LLF, its eat local month so patronize all our local eating establishments and sign up for some of the fun stuff going. jay bush, our surfing designer created the posters you see here — damn nice work, proud to display them. so, you guys and gals out there, go do some of this stuff, jamie haley and the cats at LLF work hard to keep it local and keep it real. good stuff, good times. right on!

Opening night: The Obstinate Daughter, Sullivan’s Island, SC

The-O-Dtonights the night yall. the long awaited opening of the obstinate daughter restaurant on sullivan’s. we are very proud to have been a part of this great venture: working with owner and our good friend, doug godley as well as friend and amazing chef, jacques larson. this is another great collaboration with reggie gibson architects — reggie gibson and anthony carmolo outdid themselves on this one. make plans to go. very special and very tasty to say the least. right on!