we are in Bon Appetit!

bon-appetitWe love restaurant identity and had a blast with doug and the boys working on the obstinate daughter out at sullivans island, sc. they wanted cool stuff and let us go. custom coasters? hell yeah, lets make em cool! well it looks like that paid off. thanks bon appetit! thanks doug!

barn jam wed aug 20 6pm

aug.-20this weeks barn jam poster is dedicated to the hard working men and women at Husa, the icelandic hardware store, that helped me out with the tools i needed when i was in a pinch. there is nothing better than a hardware store, well, maybe the barn jam tomorrow night. hell yeah, perfect weather, kickass music bring yer tools.

mini wave fest, sat. aug 9

mini-wavefest_final-posterwavefest is coming back! but first we need a mini wavefest to get things started. saturday, aug. 9 at awendaw green. come enjoy some live music and find out the location and date for the real wavefest. right on! now im off to iceland for a two week camping adventure on the ring road. stay posted.

South Carolina Ports identity

SC-Ports-identityWe are very proud to have been asked to create a new logomark/ identity for the South Carolina State Ports Authority. Our SC Ports are a real important part of our lives here in the lowcountry so being able to contribute to their growth through updating their brand with a strong thickline mark made us happy. All the folks there are a pleasure to deal with and they have gotten an overwhelming positive response to this new, fresh identity. We are in the process of finalizing all the graphic standards so keep on the lookout for this mark covering the port and its partners throughout SC.

barn jam wed july 16 6pm

july-16been a crazy last couple weeks. but the barn jam, normalcy, is back. you can always count on eddie and the barn jam being a ritual, a constant in your life. amazing how those guys do this week after week of top shelf live music. dodge the storms yall and head out to awendaw. youll like it. peace.

barn jam wed july 9 6pm

july-9do it yall! go to the barn jam this week. it only gets better and if you arent there then you aint shit. you know i am kidding, but really i am not. enjoy some live music, cold beer in the woods of sc with the crickets a buzzin and the amps a thumpin. right on.


Palmetto Brewery

PB-main-signi love it when a plan comes together. this is a photo of the new main entrance sign at the great palmetto brewery here in charleston. designed by us, and fabricated by our friends at brooks sign, this large metal identifier just shows what great craftsmen we have here in our fair city. proud as hell. right on!

barn jam june 25 6pm

jun-25-1.0come on out yall, some good country gold and stuff. you will dig it, you willĀ  sweat some, you will never be the same, you will be happy you are not the same. or something like that. roack and roll!!!