AAM Award for Tales of the Conjure Woman!

renee-stout-cover renee-stout-2 renee-stout-1We just received word that Tales of the Conjure Woman won an Honorable Mention in the annual publications competition of the American Alliance of Museums.  This is an incredibly big honor, as this competition is among the most rigorous in the museum field, as there are over 3,800 member museums in AAM.  This congratulations goes out to alot of folks, and thanks for being such a pleasure to work with everyone! Special thanks to Renee Stout and Fatima Mayfield for spinning such a magnificent tapestry.  And, to Mark Sloan, who brings out the best in all of us. Cheers.

BeardCat’s on Sullivans Island

BeardCatsBeardCat’s Sweet Shop opened on Sullivans Island, the sweet half of the Obstinate Daughter, a few months ago. We are very proud to have created the complete identity for both places and wanted to inform you, the public, that the new BeardCat’s website is now up! Go check it out — Damien and the great folks at Scenic figure developed it, we threw in assets (the illustrations, brand, etc) and now it is live for everyone to see and wish they had gelato right now. go get some.

Ms Roses Fine Food

Ms-Roses-patch-muraltake a ride out to ms roses, and sit on the porch. the weather is perfect and you got this kickass patch whiskey mural to observe and enjoy. big fun. play a little corn hole, have beer, eat some food, its all good!

the electric chair

electric-chair-1yep. that’s right, the electric chair. how about that! my good friend, mark sloan, knows what turns me on. he found this somewhere up around asheville and brought it to me. now that is a good friend. shockingly good! i’m gonna get a 9v and plug this sucker up! swing by the shop and ill show it to you — by appt only — or if the governor says its ok. you can touch it — if you dare.