marc maron show

maron_final_photowell the marc maron show at the charleston music hall was a huge success and he killed. one of my favorite comedians who has a podcast, WTF, that i listen to weekly, he came to charleston, the great charleston music hall(thanks charles) and made us all laugh, was a real gentleman and heckled my good friend buff ross. classic. thanks for coming marc, hope to have you back sometime soon. very proud to design a poster for this show and a huge thank you to the great johnny pundt for pulling the squeegee on this one. right on!

Four Ninety Two — Open for business!

492-color-on-blk-bckgrdProud to announce the opening of Charleston’s newest restaurant on famous King Street, Charleston, SC, Four Ninety Two. We have worked with the amazing Alicia Reed and Reggie Gibson of Reggie Gibson Architects for the past year or so, collaborating with them, Jonathan and Anita Zucker, Dave and Mark and many other folks to make this happen. Chef Nate Whiting is cooking his ass off and producing some amazing dishes. go check it out, you will surely enjoy yourself. we love restaurants. right on!


HOOCH-detail hooch-coastersthis stuff is going fast! “Taken care of Fizzness!” Our friends, shawn and jennifer holland have spent years developing this incredible fizzy mixer. their hard work floating down a river resulted in this innovative beverage. the packaging just went to press so look for it soon on your local shelves. also, an award winning vodka(name coming soon) has picked it to pair with their beverage. they were invited to serve it at this past weekends’ Masters golf tourney! hoochin’ is happenin!! hell yeah!