Iceland, August 2014, Part 1

My family (robin, tillye and nick) and i took an epic vacation to the wonderful country of Iceland this past august. We rented a small RV and camped around the entire country for two weeks. we did not want to leave. but before we began our ring road adventure, we drove to Landeyjahofn, on the southern coast, drove our mobile home onto a ferry headed for Heimaey. we met our icelandic friends, Marteinn and Vigdis Jonnason and the son Oliver, in Heimaey (Westman islands) for a weekend we will never forget. Vigdis grew up on Heimaey so we stayed with them and her extended family and friends in her childhood home. Why you say? Well for the past 140 years on Heimaey, there is this huge 4 day music festival: Þjóðhátíð – in a crater. Heimaeys’ population is around 4000, but the island is invaded by another 15,000 icelanders ready to rock and roll. we were ready too. So this post: Iceland, August 2014, Part 1 is strictly some shots from our time on heimay. unforgettable. wish i could tell you all the stories in detail. maybe some day. marteinn is the guy in the red hat and flaming orange hair. look soon for part 2, The Beginning of the Ring Road.

barn jam wed dec 17 6pm

dec-17it’s that time of year to think about things. try to think clearly and calmly and remember life’s tough on everyone but music heals the soul. come to the barn jam.

Christophe Harbour, St. Kitts site visit

spent most of last week in st. kitts at christophe harbour. an amazing resort/development/marina that we have been working on for the past 7 years. working with great folks like katherine verano, buddy darby and many others we created their initial identity seven years ago and continue to develop their brand along with them developing infrastructure. it was quite an exciting and eye opening experience. seeing your hard work in action is very satisfying, not to mention meeting members, old and new, the amazing christophe harbour staff, and all those who appreciate good design from signage to architecture to landscaping. these pics are just a taste of the caribbean life in st. kitts.

bananas beach-house colro-1 farmer flag marina-view pano-pavillion pavilion-1 rocks salt-plage-1